Radiation Oncologist in Chennai for Cancer treatment

 The recent 2020 report from the National Cancer Registry Programme estimated that 1,392,179 patients are diagnosed with cancer. No wonder the numbers are shocking enough to tell us that it's high time we look for our health. In medical language, cancer is a mass of uncontrolled cells and causes cancer in the respective part of the body. As cancer is at its peak, people are unknown about the current treatment methods. Treatment includes chemotherapy, drug therapy, and radiation therapy. Among which more than half of cancer patients are treated with radiation therapy. 

Radiation therapy is the primary treatment for cancer where radiative energy is used to destroy the cancer cells. It is a non-invasive procedure that can take several days for recovery. And radiation therapy is majorly performed by a Radiation Oncologist. A radiation oncologist is a health expert who is specialized and trained in radiation therapy. You can find the list of best oncologist in Chennai for cancer treatment on Credihealth. 

Seeing a Radiation Oncologist for the first time- Know what to ask.

Diagnosed with cancer can make anyone in a state of discomfort. However, science has advanced, so there are innumerable treatments available. When you are about to meet a radiation oncologist for the first time, it can make you nervous, which is completely natural. Therefore to avoid the discomfort feeling, you can ask certain questions which are helpful for your treatment :

  • What kind of cancer have I encountered?
  • Which stage of cancer is it?
  • Am I in the first stage of cancer?
  • What is radiation therapy, and when do we use it?
  • Are my symptoms life-threatening?
  • What are the lifestyle changes I must make?
  • Will radiation therapy have any side effects?
  • How much are the expense charges for radiation therapy?
  • Will radiation have harmful effects on my body?

The procedure of the Radiation Therapy

The procedure for radiation therapy may vary from patient to patient, and the doctor will provide the treatment on the condition and symptoms of cancer. However, the common procedure for radiation therapy includes :

  • General consultation: The first process is initiated with the consultation and medical prescription to lower the cells and cancer rate. Once the condition of the body is neutralised, and the body becomes strong for radiation therapy. Then the Radiation oncologist will proceed to the next stage.
  • Simulation: In the second procedure, the oncologist will perform an X-ray or CT scan. The simulation procedure will help the doctor to detect the exact location of cancer or tumour. The patient will be given a mask, headrests and form-fit uniform during the simulation. It is one of the most important procedures in radiation therapy.
  • Treatment plan:  Just one round is not enough to deal with cancer; therefore, after the first session, the doctor will predict cancer and tumour in the body. The radiation oncologist will provide a treatment plan for the further procedure. The procedure includes regular check-ups, medication and therapy sessions.
  • Post-treatment follow-up: A follow-up check-up will be added to the treatment plan even after complete radiation treatment. Follow-up is done to monitor the part of the body which was affected by cancer.
  • Cancer can be discomforting. However, radiation oncologists are the experts who are well trained to detect and treat. Don't ignore the symptoms; book an appointment with the radiation oncologist in Chennai for radiation therapy. 

Dr P Balasubramanian

Dr P Balasubramanian is renowned for his radiation therapy in Chennai. He is currently working as a senior consultant in VS Hospital, Chennai. The doctor has completed MBBS, MD- Radiology Therapy from Madras Medical College. Dr  P Balasubramanian has worked as a radiation oncologist and gained proficient skills in the segments. Some of the treatments offered by the doctor are stomach cancer, thyroid cancer, and cancer screening. The patients speak with the doctor freely in English, Hindi, and native languages. Dr P Balasubramanian has a resilience approach for the patient. He offers standard treatment and is well trained with advanced technology,

Dr M Balu David

Dr M Balu David is one of the best radiation oncologists in Chennai. He is a trained professional with more than 35 years of clinical experience. In addition to this, he is currently working as a senior consultant- radiation oncology at  VS Hospital, Chennai. Dr M Balu David pursued MBBS, Diploma - Radiology Therapy and MD- Internal medicine from Madras Medical College, Chennai. The doctor is also a well-known member of the prestigious medical council of India. In addition, he is very graceful in communicating with the patients. Some of the treatments offered by Dr M Balu David are stomach diseases, digestive disorders, PET scans and radiation therapy.

Dr S Usha

Dr S Usha is a radiology expert currently working at  VS Hospital Chennai. She has completed 27 years of experience as a radiation oncologist in the healthcare sector. Dr S Usha is a very reputed doctor and provides undivided attention to his patients. The doctor has completed MBBS, Diploma - Radiology therapy from Tamil Nadu Medical Council. Some of the treatments offered by Dr S Usha are radiation therapy, drug therapy, and chemotherapy. She is also fluent in Hindi, English, and other regional languages and is resilient during consultation. Dr S Usha is well trained in Endoscopy, Proton therapy, external beam radiation and cancer screening. Has a resilient approach to the treatment.

Dr V Balasundaram

Dr V Balasundaram is a well-known doctor who specializes in radiation oncology. He is a trained professional with more than nine years of clinical experience, and he is currently working as a consultant- radiation oncology in Gleneagles Global Hospital Chennai. Dr V Balasundaram pursued MBBS, MD- Radiation Oncology. If you are someone who is witnessing symptoms of head or neck cancer, consult Dr V Balasundaram. As a radiation oncologist in Chennai, he provides the best service and expertise in diagnosing, treating, and treating colorectal cancer.  Some of the treatments offered by the doctor are radionuclides, colorectal cancer, brachytherapy, and megavoltage X-ray.

Dr. Rajni Gupta

Dr. Rajni Gupta is a radiation oncologist in Chennai currently working at HCG Cancer Center Chennai. She has nineteen years of clinical experience in the healthcare fraternity. Dr. Rajni Gupta is a very reputed doctor and provides undivided attention to her patients. The doctor has completed MBBS, Diploma - Medical Radiation Therapy, and DNB- Radiotherapy. Some of the treatments offered by Dr. Rajni Gupta are radiation therapy, drug therapy, cancer screening, brachytherapy, and external beam radiation. She is fluent in the native language and holds solid experience with the latest treatment approach.

Radiation therapy is majorly used in the treatment of cancer. The key function of radiation therapy is to kill the cells which are causing cancer. And the rate of cancer in the population is increasing rapidly. Therefore it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and tobacco can reduce the majority of the chances of cancer. Beyond this, it is advised to follow a routine check-up; a regular check-up will help you to monitor your health conditions.

Benefits by Credihealth -

Radiation therapy is well known for treating various cancers, and choosing the right doctor might be challenging. Radiation oncologists are health experts who specialize in treating cancer. If you encounter the signs and symptoms of cancer, then seek immediate advice; Credihealth helps you book an appointment with the hassle-free process. You can give a call on +91 8010-994-994; Credihealth helps you to communicate with the doctors freely. 

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